Wicked Gourmet - Black Olive Tapenade

Wicked Gourmet - Black Olive Tapenade, 250mL

Wicked Gourmet is a Canadian artisanal company operated by Voisin’s Maple Products in Formosa, Ontario. We take great pride in being a family business striving to offer the highest quality products to our customers. Wicked Gourmet was originally founded by Barbara & Ellis Burrows in 1998. Wicked Gourmet recipes include ingredients like fresh Canadian garlic, peppers, real Canadian maple syrup of course, and in season produce to ensure the best flavours. We are federally inspected and produce in an industrial kitchen.

Black olive tapenade is so easy to use as a condiment - just put some out with crackers - easy appetizer. Nice with pasta, salads & whatever ideas you come up with! Less salty than traditional olive tapenade. Size: 250ml..