Sheldon Creek Dairy is located in Loretto Ontario. Just north of Bolton on the top of the Hockley Valley.  We have been farming this land since 1953. We have 600 acres that we grow all our crops on. Our parents took over the farm from our grandparents more than 30 years ago. 75% of our herd goes back to the original cow Opa first bought when he came to Canada, her name was Maggie


It’s truly a family business. From managing the crops, milking the cows to processing the milk and delivery the day to day operations are run by the den Haan Family. Generation after generation our priorities are our environment, our cows and taking pride in producing the highest quality milk products.  

Single Herd Farm

Sheldon Creek is a small-scale facility with 65 homebred cows. The milk for our products only comes from the cows in our herd that live on our farm. That way we have incredible traceability and control all points of production. Our processing facility is located right here on our farm too. We craft all the products in house with the exception of our Ghee and flavoured butters which are made in partnership with Alliston Creamery, the last independent creamery in Ontario.

Minimally processed

We craft our milk very gently to keep the protein membrane of the fat globule intact. Since it is non-homogenized, the cream rises to the top on our whole milk, showing that it is still in its natural form. We pasteurize the milk at just 72 degrees Celsius for 16 seconds so it is as close to raw milk as you can buy in Canada. All our products use this whole milk as the base of the product. 


Simple is better

Our Yogurt line is only made with all natural ingredients and real Canadian fruit puree. We incubate each batch using old- world techniques the way my grandmother and her grandmother (and maybe your grandmother) used to do it. We strain it slowly in order to get a consistent thick texture. We do not add any preservatives. It’s just Sheldon Creek Dairy whole milk and live probiotic cultures. We do a couple of simple flavours such as Raspberry & Maple and Vanilla. We also make an incredible thick sour cream. Check out the sample pack to try some yourself!


A2 Milk 

We are the only 100% A2 Milk in the Ontario market. What is A2 Milk? BY DEFINITION | A2 is cows milk that contains only the A2 type of beta-casein protein rather than the more common A1 protein found in a majority of milk.  Some have given up milk due to digestive problems or lactose intolerance, but those issues tend to disappear when people drink A2 milk. A1 and A2 proteins affect the body differently. When A1 protein is digested in the small intestine, it produces a peptide called beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7). The intestines absorb BCM-7, and it then passes into the blood.  The structure of A2 protein is more comparable to human breast milk, as well as milk from goats, sheep, and buffalo. Read more on our website!