Caplansky's Old Fashioned Mustard


Caplanskys Old Fashioned Mustard 235ml

When Zane Caplansky started the deli back in 2008, he made his own mustard in-house. Caplansky's Deli Old Fashioned Mustard ressembles that one closely in appearenace, flavour and texture. So much so that around Mustard HQ we call it "The OG" or just "OG" if we're feeling the cool vibes. Old Fashioned is perfect for charcuterie boards, sandwich spreads, the base for a salad dressing or a marinade. You can 💯 say it's Old Fashioned but you can't say it's out of style. 

All our Caplansky's Deli Mustards are stone-ground in small batches using 100% gmo-free Canadian mustard seeds. Our mustards are kosher and made in a nut-free facility. Caplansky's Deli donates 3% of our sales to help conquer childhood hunger through our partnership with No Kid Hungry.